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Macadamia Animalia

MyMy: Italian French Asian Sauce – all-in-one!

A boldly delicate, yet rich and smooth cream sauce with fragrant animalia overtures and undertones. No suffering here or memories other than what’s warm and tender to the nose, not the palate!

Yes, if you’ve ever eaten a human animal, the memory will return with this his trans her non-violent, animal-free delicacy! Go ahead, test me. Follow the recipe for best results. No substitutions. You wanted the best, didn’t you? Here it is. Be my guest!

Everybody wants to know what a human tastes like? Many people in the world already know. Some very rich, eccentric people. Some not rich at all. My goal is to prove I can make an animal-free human flavor. I nailed it as usual! No I’m not bragging; just not all that impressed once the novelty wore off – an animal’s an animal!

Guess that’s what keeps me hungry for new adventures wink. HUMAMI!

Makes 2-1/4 cups

2 c. Milkadamia aka Macadamia Milk by Milkadamia

1/4 c. lemon juice – I used bottled

2 t. liquid smoke

2 t. dried tarragon leaves

1 t. garlic powder

1 t. onion powder

1/2 t. dry mustard

1 t. salt

fresh grind black pepper to taste

2 T. extra virgin olive oil

2 t. granulated sugar

3 T. cornstarch mixed in cup with 1/4 c. water till dissolved

• Make sure no lumps.

2 T. vegan yeast aka nutritional yeast – I used KATE NATURALS brand


light sprinkling red cayenne pepper

3 T. Grey Poupon Mustard

9 med. pitted Kalamata olives, fine chop (brown not purple)

3 T. Kalamata olive juice from jar

2 T. sm. capers, drained

2 t. UMAMI BLACK GARLIC SAUCE by Momiki from Japan

1- Place ingredients, up to and including granulated sugar, in small saucepan over medium heat. Heat to boiling.

2- Add cornstarch liquid, stirring continuously till thickened. Reduce heat.

3- Add yeast, stir till dissolved.

4- Add powdered bouillon, stir till dissolved.

5- Add red cayenne pepper, stir.

6- Cook on low heat, stirring as needed, for about 5 minutes longer.

7- Add remaining ingredients. Stir well and cook 5 minutes longer. Remove from heat.

8- Serve over plant meats, veggies, a delicate pasta or mashed potatoes.

9- When reheating to serve, adjust salt and pepper.

Notes: I’ve read some vegans writing that yeast is an animal. Here’s the scoop in summation:

“The reason being, as we discussed earlier, yeast is not an animal, but a fungus. Specifically, they are single-celled organisms, whereas most definitions of animals specify that they are multicellular. Yeast do not move, which is another characteristic of animals. Nor do they reproduce sexually.” (

Yeast is neither plant nor animal..

So yeast is a fungus, which could explain the presence of umami beyond the shiitake mushroom elixir additive via the black garlic sauce.

Nuts possess the umami factor, so there’s a lot of umami from different sources operating here: the macadamia milk, yeast, black garlic, whole grain mustard, Kalamata olives and capers.


Black garlic is a type of aged garlic which browning is attributable to Maillard reaction rather than caramelization, first used as a food ingredient in Asian cuisine. It is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic (Allium sativum) over the course of several weeks, a process that results in black cloves.”

My first use for this boldly delicate sauce is stirred into sauteed celery and sweet onion with cut green beans and sliced almonds. Made as a holiday dish. Stove-top. No baking required.


Strike a stick match. Turn it upside down, then horizontally as it burns, wave it a bit, blow it out. Instantly wave the palm of your hand through the smoke. Smell it.

That’s what human umami smells like.

When the Milkadamia Mustard Beans are cooled to room temperature, waiting for a re-heat and service later, raise the skillet to your nose. Smell. Same as the match.


Six Star Humami! MacMilk, yeast, black garlic, whole grain mustard, Kalamata olive, capers all played a role in developing this unique animal-free human flesh flavor!

Serves 6 sides

2 T. extra virgin olive oil

3/4 c. sliced celery

3/4 c. sweet onion dice, 3/4 inch squares

1/2 t. salt

1/2 c. sliced almonds

16 oz. bag froz. cut green beans boiled in salted water till tender, then drained well.

1- In large skillet, over medium-low heat, melt oil.

2- Add celery, onion and salt. Saute till wilted and sweet.

3- Add sliced almonds and saute about 3 minutes, stirring often to coat and cook.

4- Add drained cooked green beans. Stir to distribute; cook 3 minutes.

5- Add 1/2 c. MILKADAMIA MUSTARD SAUCE, stir to coat well, then cook on low heat, uncovered, about 10 minutes, stirring as needed.

6- Salt and pepper to taste. Remove from heat to serve now, or to reheat for service later.

Refrigerated overnight, which many people do for the holidays, the green beans lose their bright green color, but not their texture and flavor. Great either way. Just reheat and serve. There’s no need for added sauce.



1- Bake ORE-IDA HASH BROWN PATTIES according to package instructions.

2- Pan-fry LIGHTLIFE GIMME LEAN SAUSAGE in a little oil till lightly browned on both sides and cooked throughout.



5- Assembly:

Additional ingredients:

__strawberry preserves as side garnish

__Grade A maple syrup

__fresh grind black pepper

• Spoon a little sauce onto serving plate.

• Place hash brown patty on top of sauce.

• Place two sausage rounds on top of hash brown patty followed by a little more sauce.

• Mound coleslaw on top of sauced sausage.

• Place another hash brown patty over the coleslaw followed by a little sauce.

• Place one sausage patty on top of all followed by a little more sauce.

• Garnish with a side spoon of strawberry preserves.

• Drizzle a little Grade A maple syrup over all.

• Sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper.

• Serve.

In sum:

  1. sauce,
  2. hash brown patty,
  3. sauce,
  4. 2 sausage,
  5. sauce,
  6. coleslaw,
  7. hash brown patty,
  8. 1 sausage,
  9. sauce

If restaurants were smart, but they’re not. Wow, I’d drive a long way for this.


First, we make the buns. I used a thick vegan brioche-style bread, lightly toasted it, then used a tin can to cut out rounds rom the whole slices of toast.

Second, we make the tofu.

14 oz. extra firm water-packed tofu, rinsed, patted dry, cut int 3/8 – 1/2 inch cubes

2 T. extra virgin olive oil

1/2 t. salt

2 T. 100% pure maple syrup Grade A

2 T. water

1 t. turmeric


In large skillet, over medium heat, melt oil.

Add salt, maple syrup, water and turmeric. Stir to dissolve.

Add cubes all at once, stirring carefully, turning as needed till all cubes turn yellow. Cook until liquid evaporates.

Now add about 1 cup ANIMALIA SAUCE, stirring to evenly coat. cook about 10 minutes till somne of the sauce evaporates.

Remove from heat.

Third, we assembly:

Additional ingredients:

__Grade A maple syrup

__fresh grind black pepper

__salt to taste

• Drizzle some maple syrup onto serving plate.

• Place 1 toasted round on syrup.

• Spoon tofu with sauce over toast.

• Top with another toast round.

• Spoon tofu and sauce over toast.

• Drizzle with additional syrup.

• Sprinkle with pepper and salt. Serve.


Hope you enjoyed your short journey into the world of animal-free human cuisine. Cannibalism is on the rise having never been fully eradicated in parts of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America and some island communities. Pretending it doesn’t exist would be a mistake, especially during a pandemic when food shortages are sure to follow.

Many cite the remote regions that continue this practice as being insignificant to the world in general. Tell that to the victim in the stew.

However, it is not only the poor and undereducated peoples who indulge; it’s the rich and influential wanting more extreme and taboo experiences who keep the markets open to the more civilized world. We who care about the non-human animal must travel those roads between seller and buyer of human flesh to put a stop to barbarism once and for all.

~ Chef Sharon

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Thank you for being part of that dream of accessibility for all!


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