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Mushroom Mousse Spread


A simple, easy to make MUSHROOM MOUSSE to use in some high-end dishes!

Makes 2-1/2 cups

14 oz. extra firm water-packed tofu, rinsed, then twisted hard in thin towel to extract liquid

4.5 oz. DR WT mushrooms stems and pieces, drained well

1 t. salt

1/2-1 t. poultry seasoning

2 t. garlic powder

2 t. ground coriander

1 t. smoked paprika

1 t. granulated sugar

2 t. SPICE TIME Imitation Chicken Bouillon

fresh grind black pepper to taste – use enough so you can taste it in the mousse

2-3 T. extra virgin olive oil

1- Place all ingredients, except extra virgin olive oil, in food processor. Pulse and process till smooth.

2- Stop processor, remove lid and scrape down sides toward center using rubber spatula.

3- Return cover and process till as smooth as you can get it.

4- Transfer to mixing bowl and add 2-3 Tablespoons olive oil, whipping with spoon till thoroughly incorporated.

5- Transfer to covered container(s) and refrigerate preferably overnight.

Serving suggestions:

Use as a spread for crackers, toasted or plain Russian black bread or rye bread squares, or as a dip for fresh cucumber slices, sweet red, green, yellow, orange pepper strips, very thin carrot wafers made from large carrots; or stuff bite-size celery segments with mousse and top with chopped cilantro or smoked paprika garnish, a few capers or chopped roasted pepper or chopped pickled banana peppers or cornichons.

Use as a spread for veggie or animal-free meat sandwiches.

This is what I did:



MUSHROOM MOUSSE SPREAD, as much as you like

chopped banana peppers

chopped fresh cilantro

extra virgin olive oil


vegetable oil

fresh grind black pepper

garlic powder

1- Place MUSHROOM MOUSSE SPREAD into serving bowl.

2- Top with chopped pickled banana peppers, chopped cilantro, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a few twists of the pepper mill. Set aside.

3- Heat a medium skillet over medium-low heat.

4- Drizzle with vegetable oil to coat, fresh grind black pepper and garlic powder.

5- Place tortilla in skillet and move it around with your hands till bottom is coated with ingredients.

6- Heat till lightly browned, then turn it over, add a bit more oil, not much, and heat 1-2 minutes or till lightly browned.

7- Remove from skillet to cutting board and cut into narrow wedges. Pan-fry as many tortillas as needed for the amount of dip you’re serving.


8- Place mousse in its serving bowl in center of serving plate.

9- Arrange tortilla wedges around it.

10- Place a small spreading knife or spoon in the mousse. Serve.



per serving:

1 whole wheat English muffin, cut in half and toasted


12 oz. jar GILLED ARTICHOKES by DELALLO, strain liquid into separate bowl

sweet red roasted pepper strips


fresh grind black pepper

sweet gherkin cornichon pickles

1- Place toasted muffin halves on plate (1 or 2 per serving).

2- Drizzle with liquid from artichoke jar to soften the toast – enough to make a difference.

3- Mound with approx. 3 Tablespoons mousse.

4- Top each English muffin half with 1-2 artichokes.

5- Lay a few pepper strips over each artichoke.

6- Sprinkle generously with FETA Crumbles.

7- Sprinkle with fresh grind black pepper.

8- Drizzle with additional oil from jar.

9- Place a few cornichon pickles on plate. Serve.



1- Heat an 8 inch CHI-CHI’S WHOLE WHEAT TORTILLA in skillet over medium-low heat on both sides till soft and pliable, not crisp.

2- Transfer to prep board and spread evenly with FAT-FREE PICKLE JUICE MAYO over entire surface up to the rim.

3- Top with shaved onion half rings of yellow onion over entire surface of tortilla – shaved means you can see through them in this instance.

4- Place about 3-4 Tablespoons MUSHROOM MOUSSE like a log bed in the center of the wrap.

5- On top of the MOUSSE place 2 artichokes side by side tip to tip.

6- Top artichokes with a handful of cilantro.

7- Fold wrap up and over and under contents, then roll firmly to end.

8- Reheat skillet with a little oil till hot. Place wrap bottom folded side down till lightly browned – won’t take but a few seconds in a hot skillet.

9- Flip it gently over and do the same to the top. Transfer to board.

10- Cut in half with a large knife – tip to board – which means the knife stands on it’s tip while you cut short strokes up and down. We do this with soft-ingredient sandwiches to keep the contents from squishing out when cutting the sandwich in half.




1- Pan-fry GARDEIN CHICK’N SCALLOPINI in a little oil over medium heat till done to your liking. Remove from skillet to board and cut each in half for smaller sandwiches or use whole for larger sandwiches.

  • This is a non-breaded chicken, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use a breaded variety. Gardein also makes a breaded animal-free TURK’Y CUTLET that would also work well. You couldn’t cut each one in half though; they’d be too small, but maybe you’re not considering economy this time around.

2- Spread mustard on top and bottom of the buns. Toast them for more crunch – or not.

3- Spread 2 T. MOUSSE on one half bun. Sprinkle with fresh grind black pepper.

4- Top MOUSSE liberally with pickled banana pepper rings, followed by chicken segment.

5- Top the second bun with a slice of jellied cranberry sauce.

6- Close, cut and serve. Use a large knife to cut the sandwich tip-to-board method, which means the knife stands on it’s tip while you cut short strokes, down and up, not sideways. We do this with soft-ingredient sandwiches to keep the contents from squishing out when cutting the sandwich in half.

  • Place a toothpick through each half as you cut the buns.

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