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Kabura Saffron

My pantry was screaming for saffron – it’s been so long – what with the pandemic and all and the high cost I refrained – but why when life is so short? What am I saving for, my funeral?

It arrived today, much sooner than expected. I window shopped and window shopped on wanting Persian, while also wanting more than a few cups of tea that Persian would allow on my small food budget – I WANT TO COOK WITH IT! – I found my solution in Afghanistan. 28 Grams for 80 something dollars. Nice.

It arrived securely packed and I could smell it even before unwrapping the cellophane from the tin. Wow, did that smell good! I’m in saffron heaven. This was the real deal, and even if it weren’t, the forgery was impeccable – just kidding.

What tipped the scales in favor of Afghanistan was not only the price but the people who planted, cultivated and harvested the precious stigmas from the crocus plants.

ALL WOMEN. Normally I wouldn’t brag on any company boasting that it’s all of any particular group, especially gender or race. For Afghan women I make an exception. I’m tipping my hat and raising my beautiful saffron tea to you! I’m looking forward to developing many fine saffron based dishes, all of which will be situated on The Animal-Free Chef Prime Content website!

Yes, delicious as it looks

All Our Saffron Processing Happen By Hands By Women | Women Are Processing Saffron At The Kabura Saffron Processing Center In Afghanistan

We At Kabura Saffron Empower Women in Afghanistan, 80% Of Our Saffron Pick, Process and Package By Women in Herat, Afghanistan.

Kabura Saffron Create Over 1000 Job Every Season For Women In Afghanistan.

**75000 Saffron’s Flower Is Needed For One Pound Of Saffron Threads**”


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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