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JASMINE JELLY RICE This is for you my friends who think torture and grue are a necessary part of culinary culture. Plant. Rice. Yours. You had it all the time and didn’t know it. Follow recipe exact. No alterations. Buy SPICE TIME! Better texture than rice pudding, way better, only it’s savory! So easy toContinue reading “JASMINE JELLY RICE”

AFC Creamy Jasmine Paella

AFC CREAMY JASMINE PAELLA Jasmine rice with multiple herbs and spices, black garlic sauce and smoke, sweet onion, marinated sun-dried tomato strips and honey crisp apple slow-cooked till creamy, sweet, salty and savory! Topped with plant chicken, sausage and chorizo! Served with a cilantro based GREEN GOD DRESSING or GREEN GOD MAYO! Makes 16 cups