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Welcome to THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF PRIME CONTENT™ by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, THE ANIMAL-FREE Chef™



Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese

Testing two pans in which to make a grilled cheese sandwich – aluminum and non-stick skillets.

Plus, ever want to add some texture to your grilled cheese? Try fine shredded cabbage.

Makes as many as you want – did three today

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Molly’s Green Bean Suggestion plus gravy add-on

Molly knows how much I like green beans and that Chef Jay at Tick Tock Tavern always makes me up a special animal-free version when I visit. So she suggested I might like these too! And she was right, I did. Gotta use sesame oil though.

Basic Ingredients: sesame seed oil, green beans, soy sauce and shallots

I didn’t have the shallots when I had the green beans, so I used jarred garlic instead.

Thanks Molly. These green beans are for YOU!

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Upscale Balsamic Peanut Butter Preserves

Not your ordinary peanut butter and jelly. Why not upscale the ordinary? Doesn’t everybody love the two together? That’s what I’ve heard all my life, so why relegate it to the doesn’t matter category? Let’s do it.

Make enough for only you, or for a bunch of people


Although I’m including the amounts of each ingredient, it’s a pretty much ‘however you like’ it recipe. So experiment for your own tastes. Okay?

Makes almost a cup

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Tapenade Ruby Grapefruit

WOW. This is delicacy personified. Every ethnic restaurant in the world needs this. Fits every country, region, territory, smacks you right in the mouth of delicious. It’s mine. It’s yours too – walk on water. Serve as appetizer or side salad!

Makes one or more

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Morning Star Chik Patties With Balsamic Onion Jam

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of ingredients, steps and variations to wind up in the Prime Section on The Animal-Free Chef. All you need is something unique! Welcome to My Animal-Free Kitchen!

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Kabura Saffron

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Bonne Maman Blueberry Preserves – Elegance

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Pate Perfection

Animal-Free Hotdog Pate low fat

Who would think to use hot dogs for a pate – even if made from animal hot dogs? I’ve never been served it – at a home or a restaurant. Who needs liver when you have hot dogs – animal-free of course in this and every case. Add a little raw onion, some Kalamata olives, horseradish, sage, garlic, dry mustard, fresh ground pepper – process till smooth and there it is – Pate Perfection.

Makes 2 cups

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Roasted Tomato And A-F Bleu Cheese Spread GOAT

Roasted Tomato And A-F Bleu Cheese Spread – GOAT

Makes a little more than 5 cups

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Bruschetta Guacamole


Fresh, ripe Hass avocado mixed with DELALLO Bruschetta Olive! Life doesn’t get much better than when DELALLO products are on the table!! quick, easy, creamy deliciousness!

POPCORNERS are the new diet snack that doesn’t feel like diet food! Great at a party of one or more!

Makes 2 cups

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